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The Flying Camera


By capture your best business aspects with the grove of the Flying Camera style.

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Be armed for months...

Let's capture
what you do best!

Two models are capturing the essence of your place, providing you with a full month to 4 months of posts armed – depending on your posting frequency.

We in Filmo believe in working together with the Social Media algorithm, That’s why we believe that creating contecnt for at least a month, is necessary to the success of the promotion, and therefore Filmo offers you packages with full arms to equipped you with the nessesary assets for your successes.

The package includes:

•15 Photos.

      5 of them with titles.

•5 Animated photos.

•6 Videos.

* One Flying Camera video style

* 3 cool still-motion shots

* One introduction (with talk)

*  2 awesome REELs following your place style.

•Save $1200 by subscription for 3 months – get 3 visits of different model each month providing you enough footage for the entire summer.

Flying camera logo.png
(Free Meeting) 

Ask us to visit your store

And let us show your amazing products and service

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